Gavin Phayres 2

Tell us your name, title and what you do here at INNOVATE:  

My name is Gavin Phayres. I am currently in my 2nd year of a Cyber Security apprenticeship with INNOVATE. I am currently on the Level 1 service engineer team helping our clients solve a wide range of issues.

Give us a brief description of how you came to work in IT industry?  

I originally trained to be a chef which transitioned to me being a butcher for almost a decade. Then due an injury I was unable to work as a butcher or do any physical labour. After an extended period of unemployment due to my disability and in a time when it was hard to maintain good mental health, an opportunity came up to partner with EmployAbility Service to help me retrain. This is when I decided to turn my interest in technology and computing into my new career, with the help of a lovely lady called Breda from EmployAbility Service. I self-taught myself the computing basics and attained my 1st IT industry certificate through CompTIA (CompTIA A+).

With my new certification and amazing help from Breda, I got a foot in the door with INNOVATE doing some work experience for 6 weeks. Following this I was offered an apprenticeship from INNOVATE in Cyber Security through FIT( Fasttrack to IT ), which I grabbed with both hands. This allowed me to Work part time with some amazing engineers and also study to increase my knowledge of computing. Since then I have netted 8 IT Industry certifications from CompTIA, Cisco and Microsoft and I am now only 6 months from completing my Apprenticeship and obtaining my QQI level 6 in Cyber Security.


What motivates you to do what you do here and contribute to the customer experience?  

My motivation is largely down to INNOVATE and the amazing opportunities that they have provided me with. They have helped me get back on my feet and turn my hobby into my career and supported me through the entire process. Having this support, help and trust really motivates me to do my best and give back to a company that has given so much. I have always loved dealing with customers from my time as a butcher. I love nothing more than a chat with them, making connection with them and making their experience pleasant and positive.


Outside of work, any interesting hobbies or facts about yourself (hobbies & interests, favourite music, sports you play, achievements etc)?  

Outside of work I love to spend time with my wife and kids, I love to play video games, also with my kids and on my own. I also have a passion for DIY and really enjoy going out to my shed and creating something new from old timber or recycled materials


If you had to choose one song to listen to for the rest of your life, what would it be?  

This is a tough one but I would probably go for The Proclaimers – I’m gonna be (500 miles), I first heard it in my early teens and I have great memories of nights with friends and family attempting to dance to it.